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While you can find out more about my therapeutic work from the menu options above, if you have never had therapy before, then maybe it is worth starting with the links below to find out more about different approaches to therapy and to look into different local therapists.  

OTHER PRIVATE ROUTES: For general information about Counselling, Hypnotherapy and EMDR you can follow the links below.

Find out more about Counselling & Psychotherapy here.   There are directories listing local counsellors (Such as It’s Good to TalkCounselling Directory and others).

Find out more about Hypnotherapy here.  There are directories listing local hypnotherapists (GHSC/GHR, HNC, Hypnotic World & Others)

Find out more about EMDR here.



Many local services (some are listed below) offer a range of options to help you access therapeutic support (sometimes at low cost) for different issues.

CANCERCARE  If you or a loved one has been bereaved by or affected by Cancer or a life-limiting condition

MIND For support with Issues affecting Mental and Emotional Health

CEDAR COUNSELLING SERVICE A local low-cost counselling service in Ambleside for General Counselling

CRUSE BEREAVEMENT CUMBRIA A local Charity offering short-term Bereavement Support

BLUEBELL FOUNDATION  A local Charity offering Bereavement Support to Children and for those who have experienced the loss of a child in pregnancy or post-birth.

SURVIVORS OF BEREAVEMENT BY SUICIDE  For support with bereavement following suicide 

BEREAVEMENT BY MURDER A national organisation for support following murder or manslaughter