Clinical Hypnotherapy

What is involved?

Hypnosis is best described as an internally-focused state of altered-consciousness, that can vary from a lighter relaxation-state through to a deeper trance state.  Hypnotherapy is the clinical application of hypnosis for therapeutic purpose to help clients;

  • to experience increased insight and clarity into personal situations,
  • to manage psychological impact of various life events or conditions including stress & anxiety and pain,
  • to navigate various behaviours that may be having a negative impact upon clients (including phobias, smoking etc…) work-related performance
  • to improve relaxation, confidence and well-being. 

Hypnotherapy is a co-operative process in which clients and therapists work together for therapeutic benefit of the client.   Hypnotherapy has various applications such as;

  • Anxiety & Phobias
  • Pain
  • Bereavement & Loss
  • Various Health Issues 
  • Past Life and Age Regression

During the process of hypnotherapy, the hypnotherapist guides clients into an appropriate level of trance, depending on the familiarity of the client with hypnosis and the nature of the work to be undertaken together.  Clients may be asked questions or simply asked to listen to the voice of the hypnotherapist, whilst in a hypnotic trance state.  During hypnotherapy, a hypnotherapist may help clients to explore their situations, re-enforce positive suggestions or create aversions to unhealthy behaviours or habits, depending on the client’s wishes.   It is important to note that clients will retain a level of awareness throughout the process of hypnotherapy and as such will not be ‘out of it’ or asleep.     

PLEASE NOTE This approach is unsuitable for those with epilepsy, some psychological conditions and for those who have recently had cardiac surgery.  There may also be a need for others to check-in with their GP before starting hypnotherapy, but please do ask if you are unsure about your own situation. 


Sessions can be organised according to your needs.   Due to the wide application of hypnotherapy, it will be important to talk with you to see what the most suitable arrangement would be for you depending on your goals.  The frequency of sessions will also depend on your goals and presenting issues and while some may prefer weekly sessions, others may require less frequent meetings.

Other Information

Qualified to practice Clinical Hypnotherapy, holding both a Certificate and Diploma from Manchester College of Coaching and Hypnotherapy and the GHSC Award of The General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice, (GHQP).  I am a Registered Member of General Hypnotherapy Registrar (GHR Reg) and General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC).