What is involved?

Counselling is a talking-based therapy which explores your issues with you. 

Counselling will provide you with designated time to consider and reflect on your situation or issues, so that you might begin a healing process or begin a process of change that might help you to move forwards with your life in a way that is right for you.

There are various approaches to counselling and you can find out more about these approaches via the BACP website  In brief, my Integrative Approach is influenced by Humanistic Approaches to Counselling.  In practice, this means that we work by developing a therapeutic relationship that is interactive, confidential and supportive, so that we can explore your situation from your perspective.  Counselling can be challenging, especially if working through emotional pain or discomfort. However, counselling is about working at a pace that is right for you, to develop and draw on your inner resources and help you to help yourself to move forwards in life.  



Counselling sessions (60 minutes per session) are available on a weekly or fortnightly basis*.  Clients usually have between 6 and 30 sessions but longer-term options are available.  * Commitment to weekly sessions in the early stages of therapy (First 4-6 sessions) can enable a better quality of relationship for therapy.  

Other Information

I am qualified to practice Counselling (PG DIP/MSc in Integrative Counselling) and am Registered and Accredited with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).